TMJ Therapy

A specialised treatment which aims at addressing issues related to the Termporaomandibular Joint (TMJ) or Jaw and the associated soft tissues. Treatment may involve manual techniques around the jaw, cranial lines, neck, shoulders and ribs, as well as internal manipulation of the soft tissues relating to the jaw.  This treatment can provide relief for chronic headache and migraine sufferers.

Your therapist may discuss the options of dry needling, cupping or other techniques with you. 

Chronic headache sufferers are often very reliant on medications, which have their own side effects.  With regular soft tissue treatment, we have been able to assist clients to move away or reduce the level of medication they require.  

If you clench or grind your teeth, you are likely to have tight muscles in the TMJ, which could be causing underlying tension.  Once this is released you will wonder why you never had it looked at earlier! 

Your treatment plan may include a Remedial Therapist to assist in releasing the soft tissues in your neck and shoulders as a foundation for the work our Structural Integration Therapist will do with your jaw.

Initial Appointment

10 - 20 mins Assessment
30 - 40 mins Treatment 
5 - 10 mins Recommendation & Treatment Plan

Follow Up Appointments

Treatment Plans | may include a Remedial Therapist
5 - 10 mins Check in
50 - 55 mins treatment

Reassessment | will be with your original Structural Integration Therapist

10 mins Assessment
40 - 45 mins Treatment
5 mins Ongoing Recommendations

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Coby du Preez

Founder, Structural Integration Therapist

Rudie Alexandre

Structural Integration Therapist

Florence Biancardi

Structural Integration Therapist

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