Sports/Deep Tissue Massage

A sports/Deep Tissue Treatment is a specialised massage treatment tailored for athletes and highly active individuals, aimed at optimising event readiness, enhancing performance, preventing injuries, and facilitating post-event recovery.

Visualise your soft tissue system as a multi-layered structure akin to a layer cake. When working with individuals engaged in intense physical activity, it becomes crucial to address issues across all layers of the soft tissue system. 

Our Deep Tissue techniques are adept at targeting muscle fibres and connective tissues to provide comprehensive relief and support.

While Sports and Deep Tissue Massage are often used interchangeably, they are different, but both involve the precise application of pressure to specific areas for therapeutic benefits.  Deep Tissue generally uses intense pressure to release adhesions deep in the muscle’s tissues, whereas sports massage is used to prepare your body for performance, assist in avoiding injury and provide recovery by mobilising joints, improving range of mobility and reducing DOMS.

Our approach is not one-size fits all but tailored to meet the unique needs of individuals.  Your therapist will ask you a range of questions about your lifestyle and activities to gain an understanding of your requirements.

At the end of your initial Sports/Deep Tissue Massage, your therapist will provide a recommended Treatment Plan to work towards your goals and desired outcomes.

Some sports massage may follow a structured protocol, offering general relief, yet this approach may overlook addressing deeper requirements to cover the entire body. 

If you don’t have a specific injury complaint, we recommend booking a Maintenance Treatment as this treatment will provide more general relief for tired and achy bodies. 


Benefits of Sports/Deep Massage


What is the difference between a deep tissue treatment and other massage treatments?
Deep Tissue treatments focuses on overworked muscles to provide tension relief. Deep Tissue is a standard treatment technique.

Sports Massage is a treatment that is aimed at preparing your body for performance and helping it recover from intense activity.  Improving range of mobility and reducing soreness & tightness.

Myofascial Release specifically targets the myofascial layer of soft tissues, which can become tight and restrictive around muscles and organs.  Specific training and skill sets are required to be able to use these techniques.

Structural Integration, a Muscle Medicine Signature Treatment, focuses on providing improved postural form for improved functionality. This treatment involves integrating a range of techniques that have been developed over years of training and practice.  Only our most senior therapists are able to provide Structural Integration treatments. 

Why am I getting a Treatment Plan?
If you have a specific complaint, there is what we call a ‘pathology’, something is not right in your muscles. This may be an adhesion, tear, strain, overuse or compensatory use which is causing your soft tissues to cause you pain, discomfort or restriction in motion. 

It is likely that this has been caused by either a trauma (hit, slip, jolt etc) to the area or by a pattern of movement you have adopted.  Either way, it is unlikely that we are able to ‘unwind’ the damage in one session.  It will take our therapist a few sessions over a specified period of time to make the adjustments.  We need to create adjustments, allow your body time to accept these adjustments and to see how your body reacts the treatment. 

This is why our therapists will provide you with a recommendation or Treatment Plan to help you get the sustained results you are after.

Do I need to see the same therapist all the time?
No, our therapists leave comprehensive notes in our CRM system, so each of the therapists can see your history and the treatments you have had previously.

The treatment will differ between therapists, as their styles differ, but the focus will remain the same – providing you what your body needs.

Initial Appointment

5 mins Assessment
50 mins Treatment 
5 mins Recommendation & Maintenence Plan

Follow Up Maintenance Appointments

5 mins Check in
50 - 55 mins treatment

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