Maintenance Treatments

This service is for existing clients only. For more information please get in touch.

A treatment that is aimed at maintaining and promoting overall physical and mental wellbeing.  These treatments are for our existing clients.  If you are a new client, please book an initial appointment under one of our other services.

If we listen to our bodies, they tell us what we need - but often we are not as as tuned to them as we should be, and we don’t recognise the signs until they are screaming at us.  Basically, until we are falling apart.

As we learn to listen to our bodies we start to take action, feel we are getting rundown, we take supplements or rest - before we end up in bed for a week.  We recommend the same with our soft tissues, don’t wait until you are ‘broken’ before making an appointment.  

Regularly looking after your soft tissues with plenty of water, exercise/movement, and treatment means you are less likely to cause yourself an injury in your daily activities.

If you are having regular treatments the assessment time will be reduced, unless you have caused yourself an injury in between appointments.

Our recommendation is a regular treatment, depending on your activity levels

Athletes and highly active people | weekly - every 3 weeksActive Exerciser | fortnightly - every 3 weeksActive Daily Lives | once a month - every 6 weeks
Maintenance Appointments

5 mins Check in
50 - 55 mins treatment

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Coby du Preez

Founder, Structural Integration Therapist

Rudie Alexandre

Structural Integration Therapist

Amanda Tenn

Myofascial & Remedial Therapist

Alex May

Senior Remedial & Maintenance Therapist

Daniel Carnt

Remedial & Maintenance Therapist

Danni du Preez


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