Pregnancy Support Massage

This treatment is designed to support a woman’s body during the changes it makes throughout pregnancy.  As the hips, pelvis and thorax make changes to accommodate the growing baby the mother may experience pain and other discomforts.  This is designed to support specific pain points, rather than be an overall relaxing massage.  It will be performed in a sidelying position with support for the baby.

If you are in your first trimester we recommend you seek an appointment with a women’s specialist physiotherapist prior to making an appointment with us.  If you have clearance, we are happy to treat you.  We recommend Women in Focus in Bondi Junction.

Once you are in trimester 2 or 3 we are happy for you to make a booking with us to help you manage your pregnancy and provide the best environment to grow the new life.

Initial Appointment

10 - 15 mins Assessment
40 - 50 mins Treatment 
5 mins Recommendation & Treatment Plan

Follow Up Appointments

Treatment Plans 
5 - 10 mins Check in
50 - 55 mins treatment


10 mins Assessment
40 - 45 mins Treatment
5 mins Ongoing Recommendations

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Coby du Preez

Founder, Clinical Director, Integration Therapist

Rudie Alexandre

Integration Therapist

Florence Biancardi

Integration Therapist

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