Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release is a specialised manual therapy technique used to alleviate muscle tension, improve range of motion and relieve pain. 

It focuses on the fascia, a thin layer of connective tissue that surrounds muscles. Bones and organs throughout the body.  Fascia can become tight, restricting movement and causing discomfort or pain.

The therapist will provide sustained pressure, targeting areas of tension or adhesions within the fascia.  The pressure helps to stretch and elongate the fascia, releasing tightness and restoring mobility.

In a Myofascial Release treatment the therapist may engage the following techniques;

- Direct myofascial release: firm pressure directly to the restricted area, gradually stretching the fascia until the tension is released.
- Indirect myofascial release: Focuses on gentle, sustained pressure and stretching movements, allowing the fascia to release tension without causing discomfort.
- Trigger Point Therapy: Targeting specific areas of muscle tightness or “trigger points” to release tension and improve muscle function.


What is the difference between myofascial release and deep tissue treatments?
Myofascial Release specifically targets the myofascial layer of soft tissues, which can become tight and restrictive around muscles and organs.  Specific training and skill sets are required to be able to use these techniques.

Deep Tissue treatments focus more on overworked muscles to provide tension relief. Deep Tissue is a standard treatment technique.

Is this treatment Myotherapy?
Although we use similar techniques to a myotherapist, our therapists are not registered as Myotherapists. This means your treatment can be claimed under Remedial Massage, but not under Myotherapy. A registered myotherapist will have a Bachelor degree in a Health Sciences field.

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