Collaboration | How Does It Work?

At Muscle Medicine we know we are not the only solution to your health and wellbeing goals, so we welcome working in collaboration with other Health Professionals you have on your ‘Health & Wellbeing Board of Directors’.

This can work in a few of ways, but the process is basically the same.

Referred by physiotherapist or other health professional
Your physiotherapist may refer you to us for soft tissue treatment, this will be a more hands on session, so that your physiotherapy sessions can focus on rehab and exercise prescription.

Other health professionals may refer you for soft tissue treatments to assist with soft tissue rehab, pain attenuation, release of restrictions and adhesions, breath work or anxiety management.

Referred by us to other health professionals

Although our therapists are fabulous, they also know their limitations and sometimes your injury may a consultation with another health professional, a scan to assist with diagnosis or some specific work that we are not trained for.

No matter which way the collaboration commences, we will make sure we engage with the other health professional and keep lines of communication open so we can ensure your treatment is holistic. 

Internal Collaboration

We also collaborate internally.  We believe more eyes the better - as long as there is communication.  A treatment plan with Muscle Medicine may involve more than one therapist, they each have their own specialties and interests that can add value to your treatment.  

The initial therapist will brief other therapists on your team, plus we have a fortnightly team meeting. This meeting involves discussing interesting cases, joint treatment plans and other aspects of care.  This becomes an integral part of your treatment plan, as well as a fantastic opportunity to share knowledge between our therapists.

This is what we call your Health & Wellness Board of Directors



Do I need a referral to see one of the Muscle Medecine therapists?
No. If you are referred to us, we would like to know any details of the referral prior to your appointment, but it is not essential. It helps us to make the treatment holistic and connected if we have as much information about your history and prior treatments as possible.

Should I bring my scans in?

Yes. we love information! If you have recent scans from imaging please either send the reports to with your name and appointment time or bring the report with you. We won't read the images, but the reports are exactly what we need. 
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