Structural Integration

A specialised type of bodywork and movement therapy that aims to improve the alignment, balance and overall function of the body.  Based on the concept that the body’s structure and alignment can significantly impact its overall well-being and movement patterns.  Our structural integration therapists are our most senior therapists.

A structural integration appointment is aimed at helping people realign their bodies after

Serious trauma or injuryChronic illness or injuryYears of physical activity with no treatmentYears of postural misalignment with no treatment

Our Structural Integration Therapists will provide an indepth assessment, often looking into your deeper history to gain an understanding of what has led you to your current position.

They will provide your initial treatment and a through treatment plan to assist you in achieving your goals as quickly as possible. Your therapist may discuss the options of dry needling, cupping or other techniques with you. 

The treatment plan is likely to include one other therapist who will work collaboratilvey with the Structural Integration Therapist. They will work in slightly different ways and focus on different aspects of your recovery, but the Structural Integration Therapist will oversee the full treatment plan. 

Initial Appointment

10 - 20 mins Assessment
30 - 40 mins Treatment 
5 10 mins Recommendation & Treatment Plan

Follow-up Appointments

Treatment Plans | may be with a Remedial Therapist
5 - 10 mins Check in
50 - 55 mins treatment


10 mins Assessment
40 - 45 mins Treatment
5 mins Ongoing Recommendations

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Coby du Preez

Founder, Structural Integration Therapist

Rudie Alexandre

Structural Integration Therapist

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