Structural Integration

The Muscle Medicine Signature Treatment.  Our Structural Integration therapists each have over 10 years of experience in a range of modalities and techniques.  Their skill comes from collectively using their knowledge and techniques to provide a seamless and unique treatment to assist you in reaching your wellbeing goals.

Each therapist has a speciality interest and advanced training in specific techniques.  You can see their training and interests in their profiles.  They are all remedially trained, so you can use your Health Fund rebate.

Your initial appointment will consist of an in-depth assessment, gaining an understanding of your pain, discomfort or range of motion issues, your lifestyle and any limitations you are experiencing.  We want to know what you want to change or be able to achieve. 

The initial treatment will allow the therapist to gain a deeper understanding of your body and what is required to help you reach these goals. You will be provided with a Treatment Plan, a number of appointments over a specified period of time and potentially some at home care to provide the sustained results we wish for you.


Who is a Structural Integration appointment for?
Structural Integration is aimed at helping people realign their bodies after;

Serious trauma or injuryChronic illness or injuryYears of physical activity with no treatmentYears of postural misalignment with no treatment

What’s the difference between a Structural Integration Therapist and other massage therapists?
A Structural Integration Therapist has over 10 year’s experience in the field of Remedial Massage and has combined this experience with continuing education in a number of cross functional fields. 

They have a range of modalities and techniques they employ in their treatments, but beyond this, they have a deep understanding how each different skill, technique and modality they have at their disposal can work together to provide superior results.

Will my treatment plan always be with the same therapist?
Not always, your Structural Integration therapist will provide a treatment plan that may involve another therapist to assist with soft tissue release, or other skills the second therapist can provide.

All our therapists have specialty interests and skills which provides a unique environment to ensure you are in safe hands and will receive a holistic treatment.

Our therapists have case meetings to discuss clients they are collaborating on and provide full written treatment notes to ensure they know what has occurred at your previous treatments.

Initial Appointment

10 - 20 mins Assessment
30 - 40 mins Treatment 
5 10 mins Recommendation & Treatment Plan

Follow-up Appointments

Treatment Plans | may be with a Remedial Therapist
5 - 10 mins Check in
50 - 55 mins treatment


10 mins Assessment
40 - 45 mins Treatment
5 mins Ongoing Recommendations

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Coby du Preez

Founder, Clinical Director, Integration Therapist

Rudie Alexandre

Integration Therapist

Florence Biancardi

Integration Therapist

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