Initial Appointment

Our approach is different from what you may have experienced.  We are keen to make sure you achieve the results you are looking for.  There will be some differences depending on the type of appointment you have booked in for as well.

Each Initial Appointments will include;

Objective & Subjective Assessment | We will ask you about your lifestyle, limitations and goalsTreatment | We aim to treat you with minimal pain and discomfort, but make sure you communicate with us as everyone is different!Recommendations | We provide our recommendations so you can make informed decisions
Reception front desk

Treatment Options | Initial Appointments

Depending on which appointment you booked in for and your presentation, the format of the above will differ slightly.

Structural Integration Appointment

10 - 20 mins Assessment
30 - 40 mins Treatment
5 - 10  mins Recommendations & Plan

Lymphatic Drainage Appointment

10 - 15 mins Assessment
30 - 45 mins Treatment
5 - 10 mins Recommendations & Plan

Pregnancy Support Appointment

5 - 10 mins Assessment
40 - 50 mins Treatment
5 mins Recommendation & Plan

Myofascial Release Appointment

5 - 10  mins Assessment
40 - 50 mins Treatment 
5 - 10 mins Exercise/HomeCare Discussion, Recommendation & Plan

Postural Correction

5 - 10 mins Assessment
40 - 50 mins Treatment
5 - 10 mins Exercise /HomeCare Discussion, Recommendation & Plan

Sports/Deep Tissue Appointment

5 mins Assessment
50 mins Treatment 
5 mins Recommendation & Plan

Follow Up Appointments

Treatment Plan

5 - 10 min Check In
50 - 55 min Treatment


10 min Check In
40 - 45 min Treatment 
5 min Recommendation

Maintenance/Life Care

5 min Check In
50 - 55 min Treatment

Your Treatment Plan & Recommendations

Sustainable solutions are a result of accuumulation of treatment. In Treatment one your therapist will gain an understanding of your circumstances, discomfort and provide initial relief while gaining an understanding of your tissues. Subsequent treatments will prorvide greater opportunity for the therapist to make support changes to your tissues.

You will feel a level of pain relief from the initial treatment. Pain is usually the last symptom to arrive and the one that lets us know it's (past) time to seek some help, it is also the first symptom we are able to address. Once we have assisted in breaking the pain or discomfort cycle we can start working on the underlying condition. Sustained change will come from sticking to the tratment plan and your at home-care.

What does the Treatment Plan Look Like?

The treatment plan is our recommendation for sustained relief and results.  Your therapist will provide a cadence of treatment and number of sessions.  These may be with one or two therapists to provide you with the treatment your tissues need.

Our therapists treat in an integrated way.  Our Structural Integration Therapists will work closely with our Remedial Therapists, providing directions to ensure your treatment is cohesive. They will integrate remedial, trigger point, myofascial release and other techniques to complete your treatment plan.

We collaborate with referring therapists (physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, GPs, sports physicians, personal trainers, and other specialists) to ensure your combined treatments are working together to deliver sustained results and ideal maintenance.

Injury or Not

We also deal with less obvious ‘injuries’, working with desk bound professionals and clients who engage in repetitive activities causing postural pain, discomfort or dysfunction. Working with one of our Remedial Massage & Treatment Plan therapists, they will provide an assessment of your posture and how we can assist in reversing years of habits to create stronger, better patterns.


Our Remedial Deep Tissue & Sports Massage Therapists provide the ideal maintenance treatments to ensure you remain in the best condition no matter how much training, competing, sitting, standing or general life activities you engage in.  We call this Life Care.

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