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Core Exercises | The McGill 3

The McGill 3 was developed by Dr Stuart McGill of Waterloo University to assist with Lower Back Pain through the engagement and development of core strength. Creating a morning routine with these 3 exercises will help to 'switch on' your core before your activities of daily life (ADLs). They are also excellent to perform before exercise.

Form is extremely important, so please click on the images below for an instructional video of each exercise.

Curl Up
Side Plank
Bird Dog

Sitting Posture (Posture Exercise)

Sit Bones & Happy Dog
Correct posture is critical to living a sustained pain-free life.  Over the years we get lazy with our posture and put unnecessary strain on our joints and soft tissues.  If you can create this Happy Dog awareness about your posture you will find yourself feeling better within your body.   This awareness and posture practice will help you to make the most of your remedial massage treatments.

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Posture Excercises
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