Marathon Ready – How Muscle Medicine Can Optimise Your Performance and Recovery

22 April 2024


Whether you’re preparing for a marathon, getting set for a triathlon, your first 10km, or any elite event, your training routine is undoubtedly intense. It’s not just about the kilometres you clock, the laps you swim, or the targets you hit; it’s also about preparing your body for peak performance, ensuring swift recovery and avoiding injury. That’s where Muscle Medicine comes in, specialising in both Sports/Deep Tissue and Remedial massage treatments.

Preparing for Any Athletic Event Needs Planning

Muscle Medicine can be your partner in helping you prepare for the challenges you set yourself with targeted, specialised massage therapies and a mapped out plan. 

How Sports/Deep Tissue Massage Benefits You

What It Is

Our Sports/Deep Tissue massage is not a generic, one-size-fits-all treatment. It’s specifically designed for athletes and highly active individuals. We focus on event preparation, performance enhancement, and post-event recovery.

The Collaborative Approach

We view your soft tissue system as a layer cake that requires attention at all levels. By targeting deep muscle fibres and connective tissues, we can address the issues that may affect your performance or delay your recovery. Since all our therapists at Muscle Medicine are remedially trained, you’re guaranteed a highly skilled assessment, a personalised treatment and great support for your journey.  Our therapists work collaboratively with each other, so if your fave therapist isn’t available your treatment can continue with one of our other Remedially Trained therapists. 

This approach means you get more than one set of eyes on you, as everyone sees the world slightly differently, while ensuring your treatment keeps moving forward. 

Remedial Massage: The Strategic Approach to Your Wellbeing

Targeted Treatment for Sustainable Change

Remedial massage with us is a highly strategic, evidence-based approach aimed at treating specific issues to bring about effective musculoskeletal changes.

The changes we make to your soft tissues are about creating balance and alignment so your body can work with less effort. 

Each session is tailored to your needs, and your preparation calendar, it’s about helping you achieve your running, swimming, cycling, or lifting goals in the most efficient manner. 

How We Treat: A Partnership Towards Your Goals

Future Focus and Limitations

Before your first appointment, we’ll discuss your future goals and what’s holding you back. Are you training for something specific? How is your current condition holding you back? Once we understand your objectives, we create a treatment plan unique to you.

Treatment Plans

Uniquely, we offer treatment plans aimed at helping you reach your goals. The Treatment Plan for event prep is a bit different to one for an underlying condition.  We will work with you to maximise your training efforts for glory at the finish line.  If you do have a specific pain or dysfunction we can assist with that as well, and will plan with your event timing in mind. 

Why Choose Muscle Medicine for Your Pre-Event and Post-Event Needs

We pride ourselves in taking a comprehensive, tailored approach to each client’s needs. Our team is not only remedially trained but also has additional training in treatment identification and appropriate therapy methodologies. So whether you’re gearing up for a marathon, triathlon, 10km event or to fly through the air on the silk trapeze, Muscle Medicine is your go-to for optimising your athletic performance and fast-tracking your recovery.


Your journey to peak athletic performance for any high level sporting event is an intense and meticulous process. At Muscle Medicine, we are about enhancing your training for maximum results. Book a session with us today to experience a different kind of treatment, aimed at helping you achieve your long-term goals.


1. How do Sports/Deep Tissue and Remedial massage differ?

Sports/Deep Tissue focuses on preparation and recovery, while Remedial aims at treating specific issues and achieving long-term relief.

2. How often should I schedule my massages?

This depends on your unique treatment plan, which we will discuss during your initial consultation.

3. What can I expect on my first visit?

Expect a comprehensive discussion about your limitations and goals, followed by a tailored treatment plan.

4. Is a single session enough for injury recovery?

If you have just completed an event you have been training for, you did not injure yourself or compete beyond your capabilities one recovery session is ample.  If you have pain that goes beyond a couple of days we would recommend a full assessment to see what is going on and address appropriately. 

5. How can I book an appointment?

Simply call us or visit our website to schedule your personalised session.

6. Who should I book with?

Our Sports/Deep Tissue Therapists are the best for event prep. Check them out on our website and you can book directly, or give us a call and we can discuss your requirements. 

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